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Art, painting, painters and colours in Spanish

Ashleigh talks to her Spanish friends, Sara, Cristina and Javier via a tablet. They are in an artist studio and Javier and Cristina are dressed as painters and Sara is the model. Javier, Cristina and Sara speak only Spanish so Ashleigh repeats and explains key vocabulary. Javier is going to paint Sara in the style of Picasso, Dalí and El Greco and Cristina likes Rivera and Kahlo, two Mexican painters as they use lots of colours. The painters present the various colours they will use and Ashleigh works out that the adjective comes after the noun in Spanish. The Spanish painters then paint Sara’s portrait. Sara is not impressed with the finished works of art exclaiming ¡Qué horror! (How horrible!) and ¡qué fea! (How ugly!) and Ashleigh understands when she sees the portraits including el bigote (moustache) that Cristina has added to Sara’s face!

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