Sri Lanka: War Through Women's Eyes

Radhika Hettiarachchi tells us why she felt compelled to document the lives of women in Sri Lanka and record their stories of war, tsunami and loss.

The American musician, Rodriguez, recalls his feelings when his career stalled after early success in the 1970s. He disappeared from the public eye and was even rumoured to have died - before he was discovered alive and well in Detroit.

We meet the silver surfers in the Brazilian port city of Santos, who describe the joys of riding the waves in their 70s and 80s.

And the man in Philadelphia who makes a living as a Rocky impersonator.

(Picture: A Sri Lankan mother holds photographs of two soldier sons she lost in the civil war. Credit: Radhika Hettiarachchi)

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55 minutes

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Tue 25 Mar 2014 03:06 GMT

The Rocky Balboa Impersonator

The Rocky Balboa Impersonator

Mike Kunda has watched the movie ‘Rocky’ and its sequels hundreds of times. As a result, he knows how to move, how to speak, and even how to think like the Philadelphia based character - first created by film star Sylvester Stallone.

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