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Military (In)justice

What matters more to the US military: protecting its image, or preventing sexual assault?

A high-profile case has been playing out in the US involving an army general charged with sexually assaulting and threatening a subordinate. He recently cut a deal that allowed him to plead guilty to significantly reduced charges.

We hear from a former service member who was a victim of sexual assault herself. She tells us that the case is a sign that the military is more concerned with protecting its image than stamping out the growing problem of sexual assault within its ranks.

Also in the programme, how the 1970s Arab oil embargo influenced American driving habits… why Americans should eat more Asian Carp… and the Finnish-American answer to Saint Patrick’s Day.

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  • Military Sexual Assault

    The woman who exposed sexual assault in the US military sees little progress 20 years on

    Duration: 04:23

  • First Days

    A Ukrainian immigrant follows news back home from her new home in California

    Duration: 03:40

  • Oil Embargo

    How the 1970s Arab oil embargo impacted US driving habits

    Duration: 05:08

  • Asian Carp

    Why Americans should eat more Asian Carp

    Duration: 04:43

  • St Urho’s Day

    A Finnish-American answer to Saint Patrick’s Day


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