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From Paramilitary to Baptist Pastor

How Pastor Billy McCurrie turned from being a Northern Irish paramilitary to preaching peace.

Pastor Billy McCurrie is a former Northern Irish paramilitary who aged 17 killed a man to avenge his father's murder. Now he is a Baptist minister preaching peace.

Dialect coach Andrew Jack can do 42 different accents and trains Hollywood actors. He tells Lucy Ash how he taught the Orcs and Elves to speak in The Lord of The Rings films.

Swiss writer Corrine Hoffman gave up her life in Europe to live with her husband - a Maasai warrior - in the Kenyan bush. The marriage did not last and she decided to return home with their daughter. Both women have now been back out to Kenya where the family were reunited.

Christianne Legentil is a female judo champion from Mauritius who will be taking part in the Commonwealth Games this summer. She tells us about the music that inspires her.

American artist and film-maker Julian Schnabel talks about his work including the Academy nominated films The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Before Night Falls.

(Photo: Pastor Billy McCurrie)

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