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Hair: Marvin’s Fishtail Plait Tutorial

Hair contestant Marvin gives his take on a fishtail plait.

Hair contestant Marvin gives his take on a fishtail plait.

You’ll need:
Clear Hair Bands
Hair Straighteners
Paddle Brush
Pin Tail Comb


Brush the hair to one side using a paddle brush. This will be the side which your fishtail plait will fall on.

Using a pin tail comb, divide the whole hair down the centre into two equal sections.

Take a small section of hair from each side of your two sections, and bring them into the centre, crossing them over each other.

Continue the process to make a braid down the rest of the hair. If one section becomes thicker than the other, simply take some hair from the back and re-split the sections.

When you reach the end, tie it together with a clear band. Take the ends and curl slightly with the hair straighteners.

Once it’s secure, take both sides of the plait and stretch outwards to give the braid more volume.

If you’ve got a fringe or shorter layers at the front, then curl them towards the back of the hair to create a gentle wave. Once finished, spray to hold the style in place.

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