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Iain Couzin - Collective Animal Behaviour

Why do fish shoal, birds flock and locusts swarm? Professor Iain Couzin explains the secrets of collective animal behaviour and we can learn from them.

Fish shoal, birds flock and locusts swarm. Professor Iain Couzin has discovered the secret of why locusts form such enormous devastating swarms. He has also researched how the traffic systems of ants are so much more efficient than ours, and why humans behave the way they do in crowds. He talks to Matthew Sweet and an audience at the Wellcome Collection about what we can learn from the collective behaviour of animals.

(Picture courtesy of Iain Couzin)

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Iain Couzin

Find out more about Iain Couzin, Professor of Ecology and Animal Behaviour, Princeton University on the website of our partners, the Wellcome Collection.