Finding my Daughter After 29 Years

During the civil war in El Salvador soldiers forced Josefina Flores to give up her 3-year-old daughter Xiomara on pain of death. She thought she would never see her again - but a few months ago they were reunited. Mother and daughter tell Matthew Bannister what its like to be together again after so long apart.

Hollywood star George Clooney - talks about his latest film 'The Monuments Men' and explores the political causes closest to his heart from Darfur to Sudan.

As part of the BBC's Freedom season Lucy Ash meets another of Europe's 'troublemakers'. Christian Troadec is the the mayor of Carhaix in Brittany in North West France who is leading a campaign against central government taxes. He uses a simple red woollen hat or 'Bonnet Rouge' as a symbol of revolt.

And Renee Thomas - an American woman who adopted a little boy from Russia - but is now struggling to get permission for his brother to follow.

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