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Dogfighting simulator relives military aviation history

Kate Russell reviews a free-to-play plane simulation, plus other websites and apps.

Kate Russell's weekly review of websites and apps. (Weblinks for all the sites featured are at the bottom of the page.)

World of Warplanes is a free-to-play dogfighting simulation that delivers adrenaline-pumping massively multiplayer team action in an authentic line up of over 100 different aircraft from the golden era of military aviation.

The cameras in modern smartphones are now such good quality they can realistically replace expensive digital cameras, but if you want all the specialist shooting styles and features you are going to need a folder full of apps as well. The app, A Better Camera for Android, solves this problem and gives you all the multi-functions of a high end camera through one central dashboard.

Snapchat proved the appeal of the "here one second, gone the next" culture - and if you take that idea and apply it to the social chat functions of Twitter you would come up with Kwikdesk. This anonymous social platform is a way of sending messages up to 300 characters in length out into the great unwashed internet.

How do you make a black hole? That is the topic of this week's video of the week - from the Open University's "Sixty second adventures in…" series which are well worth checking out on their YouTube channel.

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