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Emotional Intelligence and Business

Tapping in to the latest leadership trends at the World Economic Forum at Davos. How business leaders can learn the skills of emotional intelligence.

Business leaders and politicians meeting for the annual World Economic forum in Davos have - amongst other things - been talking about how to get better at their jobs. If you're the boss of the company, one of your preoccupations has to be your people, your employees, and how to get the most out of them. The leaders meeting at Davos have been listening to psychologists and neuroscientists explain the latest thinking on how to get better at understanding their staff - using the skills of emotional intelligence. Manuela Saragosa is joined from Davos by psychologist Sigal Barsade, Professor of Management, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and Uwe Krueger, chief executive officer of the design and engineering consultants Atkins. And in London by company boss Edwina Dunn, director at Starcount, a social media analytics company. And from Dublin, Comedian Colm O'Regan looks at the business of being social.

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