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Sweden and Myanmar

Matthew Teller's out tracking wolves in the Scandinavian forest and gets within howling distance; Stephanie Hegarty takes a taxi through the grand but empty streets of Naypyidaw

Two tales of unexpected encounters in apparently deserted places. Matthew Teller's been out tracking wolves in the Scandinavian forest, near Skinnskatteberg in central Sweden, and learning why even nature-lovers are ambivalent about the packs' return to old territories. These days Swedish hunters are more likely to bag a moose, as wolf hunting's legally suspended - but the arguments about making wolves welcome still have rural and urban, not to mention rich and poor, Swedes howling at each other.

Half a world away, Stephanie Hegarty takes a taxi through the grand, glittering, but almost empty streets of Naypyidaw, the official capital of Burma. There are plenty of surprises - from the surfeit of drivers (two per vehicle) to a distinct absence of the military men she expected to find on every corner.

Presented by Pascale Harter. Producer: Polly Hope. Photo: A hunter sets out in Hasselforsreviret, central Sweden, to track wolves in January 2011. The wolf cull is currently suspended by law. ANDERS WIKLUND/AFP/Getty Images

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