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Private Peaceful – Episode 4

Tommo recalls more of the events of his childhood shared with Charlie and Molly: how Charlie and he are caught poaching on the Colonel's land; how Charlie and Molly move from school to work at the Big House; how one day Tommo sees Charlie and Molly holding hands.

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15 minutes



  • 'Common thieves'

    When Tommo and Charlie go poaching without Molly their luck changes for the worse

    Duration: 04:49

  • 'Eyes the colour of heather honey'

    The fondness of Tommo and Charlie for Bertha the dog and Molly's recovery from illness

    Duration: 04:43

  • The day of the yellow aeroplane

    Tommo, Charlie and Molly see an aeroplane for the very first time

    Duration: 02:56

  • 'What if the Colonel finds out?'

    Charlie saves Bertha but what price will he have to pay when the Colonel finds out?

    Duration: 02:24


Programme Notes

Programme Notes

Information on each episode and literacy activities (2.5 MB pdf)