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The second part of the story 'Archie Dobson's War'

The second part of the story ‘Archie Dobson’s War’. Archie’s cousin Walter has gone to join the war in France. Archie wonders what life is like for Walter at the front and then receives a letter from him describing the Christmas truce of 1914. Later a Zeppelin passes over Archie’s house and drops its bombs on the town – suddenly the War no longer seems remote. Mr Dobson is given a white feather in the street and then in 1916 a letter arrives informing him that he has been conscripted. He tells the children not to worry…but Archie and Mabel have learnt enough to know how serious the situation is.

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20 minutes


  • News from the front

    Archie and Mabel discuss a letter they receive from Walter.

    Duration: 04:14

  • A lesson

    Archie has some questions for his teacher.

    Duration: 01:42

  • The Christmas truce

    Walter's letter to Archie tells of the famous Christmas day truce.

    Duration: 05:01

  • Close to home

    A frightening event makes Archie realise the war is closer to home than they thought.

    Duration: 05:33

  • Walter's leave

    Walter returns home on leave.

    Duration: 03:15

  • The white feather

    Edward receives an unpleasant gift.

    Duration: 03:38

  • Women and the war

    Lizzie visits the Dobsons. Everyone but Mabel is keen to help in the war effort.

    Duration: 02:19

  • Edward's letter

    Edward receives a letter which shakes the Dobsons' world.

    Duration: 01:32