Ukraine and Latvia

Both Russia - its former Soviet master - and the EU want closer economic ties with Ukraine. Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych pulled out of an EU trade agreement at the last minute, in favour of turning towards, or at least not away from, Russia, a step that has led to protests in the capital Kiev.
And as Steve Rosenberg reports, ordinary Ukrainian citizens are just as torn, with those in the East of the country feeling closer to Russia, and those in the West preferring closer links with the EU.
When a supermarket roof collapsed in Latvia's capital Riga, killing 54 people, it was the worst accident in the country's living memory. The sheer ordinariness of the supermarket meant that lots of people felt that they could easily have become a victim themselves. Therefore many are shocked, and angry, and want answers as to what caused the collapse. The Prime Minister, while bearing no direct responsibility for the accident, still felt it was his duty to resign. As Damien McGuinness reports, this surprised Latvians, as it sets a new, high bar for moral responsibility. Will the move now put pressure on those who were more directly involved with the disaster itself on showing just as much integrity?
Presenter: Pascale Harter
Producer: Arlene Gregorius
Photo Credit: Genya Savilovgenya/AFP/Getty Images

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