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In the last of the Global Business China 2013 series, Peter Day hears about the brands aiming to be global household names. Huawei, Shang Xia and Xiaomi are examples of brands at the heart of key changes in the Chinese economy.

For 30 years the Chinese model has been one of manufacturing products designed elsewhere, and exporting them cheap. And yet, studies have shown that very few people in America or Europe can name a Chinese brand. But is that about to change and will Chinese brands soon be household names in most parts of the world?

Xiaomi is a smart phone company often compared to Apple - their CEO sometimes dresses like Steve Jobs for example. Shang Xia is a home ware and fashion company bringing Chinese handicraft to the luxury market, and Huawei is a telecoms company, building telephone networks and now breaking into the smartphones market. All these products are not only manufactured, but designed in China. They are Chinese brands that are trying to permeate into the consumer consciousness of their huge domestic market as well as the West. How will they create consumer loyalty and compete with the already established brands?

(Photo: Two women walk along a road with their shoppings in Beijing. Credit: Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images)

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Wed 20 Nov 2013 15:32 GMT

Contributors to this programme

David Brooks - Chairman of Coca-Cola for Greater China, Korea and Mongolia

Gordon Orr - Chairman of McKinsey Asia

Bin Lin - Co-Founder and President Xiaomi Corporation

Professor Liu Baocheng - University of International Business and Economics in Beijing

Roland Sladek - Vice-President of International Media Affairs, Huawei

Zhang Qiuyuan - Public Relation Manager, Shang Xia

Jiang Qiong Er - Founder and Chief Executive, Shang Xia

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