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Webscape: Bringing art to your phone

Kate Russell reviews an app for an art exhibition and reviews other sites and apps.

Creativity is all around us, but if you cannot get to the art why not bring the art to you with the help of online projects like the Frieze Sculpture Guide. The app was released this week on iOS and Android.

Another amazing artistic exploration, is Infinite Oz, which takes us on a trip down the rabbit hole with the kind of incredible visual journey that only the interactive web could deliver.

If you need your internal location markers reset after such a fantastical journey, Geoflickr pulls up a selection of geo-tagged public photos that are close to your location from popular image sharing platform, Flickr.

Give your own digital photographs a worthy home on the web with Smugmug, a place to elegantly display your digital life as a website. You can upload videos as well and even use the site to sell images to your fans.

If you just want to share files, take a look at This browser-based file transfer service works in real time, so your upload does not need to have finished before you can share the link and others can start downloading it.

If you find keeping up with the dangers of life online is a challenge, internet security specialists Trend Micro have taken the unusual step of turning a white paper on the subject of cybercrime into a serialised web drama. You can tune in at where episode three of nine was released this week.

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