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Supervolcanoes on Mars

Could the Eden Patera structure found on Mars indicate supervolcanic activity? Plus, the mystery of the AD1257 volcanic eruption that caused flooding in Europe, and curing jet lag.

Certain structures on the surface of Mars are likely to be the remains of supervolcanic activity rather than impact craters from meteorites. A structure named Eden Patera, is thought to be a series of collapsed volcanic calderas. There are other scars that could also be evidence of supervolcanic activity, over 3.5 billion years ago, in the Arabia Terra region of the Red Planet. The findings are exciting as they could hold clues to what the early atmosphere of Mars was like.

Mystery of the AD1257 Volcanic Eruption Discovered in Indonesia
Back in the 13th Century, a large volcanic eruption caused cool summers and flooding in Europe. Evidence of sulphur and ash in layers of ice cores from both polar regions, show that the volcano responsible would be situated in the tropics. Until now, no one has been able to find the remains of the volcano. But now volcanologists think that the island of Lombok in Indonesia was the site of the eruption.

Can We Cure Jet Lag?
Humans have not evolved to cope with jet travel which crosses time zones. Jet lag can leave us, sleepy, disorientated and discombobulated. But now a study of mice could lead to a quick way to reset the body clock.

(Photo credit: This image shows another candidate supervolcano on Mars, called Oxus Patera. ©ESA/Mars Express/Freie Universitat Berlin/Google)

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  • Supervolcanoes on Mars

    Structures on the surface of Mars are likely to be the remains of supervolcanic activity.

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  • Mystery of the 1257 Volcanic Eruption

    Clues lead to the source of Medieval volcanic eruption.

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  • Can We Cure Jet Lag?

    Can the internal body clock be forced to readjust itself quickly?

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