Pumpkins and Magic

Cat Sandion has more songs, rhymes and listening games to join in with and today the story is ‘Cinderella.’

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Listening game:

Listen all around: kitchen sounds. The individual sounds to identify are:
  • mop splashing
  • broom sweeping
  • water running
  • crockery
  • washing machine
  • magic wand
Song: 'We like magic' (tune: ‘Frere Jacques’)

We like magic,
We like magic,
Yes we do,
Yes we do.

I can make some magic,
I can make some magic,
So can you,
So can you.

Help children to tap with a steady beat as they wave their ‘magic wands’- also to consolidate ‘moving into writing’ actions (see extension activities).

Story time: 'Cinderella'

To help maintain attention, provide a wand, fairy wings, a pumpkin, a fancy shoe, any relevant puppets, soft toys or dolls - eg a girl puppet and use these items (along with pictures) to illustrate the story. These resources can also be used later as prompts to help retell and sequence the story.

Final song: 'Cinders put the kettle on'

Cinders put the kettle on,
Cinders put the kettle on,
Cinders put the kettle on,
We’ll all have tea.

Cinders take it off again,
Cinders take it off again,
Cinders take it off again,
They’ve all gone away.

Encourage children to clap with a steady beat as they sing the song.

Follow-up ideas:
  • Discussion; Encourage the children to talk about Fairy Godmothers and magic wishes, discuss what their magic wish would be?
  • Make ‘magic potions’ (opportunity to discuss medicine safety) and magic wands.
  • Make a collection of different sorts of shoes: high heels, trainers, sandals, babies booties - discuss pairs, sizes, fastenings (velcro, laces, buckles), heels. Whose shoes could they be? Where might you wear them?
  • Make some pumpkin soup.

Teacher's Notes - Summer 2018

Teacher's Notes

Information, guidance and follow-up activities (5 MB pdf)