Why has the modern world become so obsessed with celebrity culture? Where does it come from? How do you achieve it? And how do you fake it? Mike Williams hears from Brett Cohen, a man who fabricated his own fame and became famous for not being famous. He also speaks to an academic who argues that evolution has left us foolishly following unsuitable celebrity role models.

From the world's first celebrity to the pop-icons of today, why are they adored by millions and why are they so influential? It is easy to understand why you might want to buy football boots endorsed by David Beckham, but why would you want underwear which carries his name? Or a perfume endorsed by singer Beyonce. Or George Clooney's favourite coffee?

(Image: Justin Bieber arriving at a music video awards ceremony in Toronto, Canada. Credit: Getty Images)

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Why do we look the way we do?

Why do we look the way we do?

Tattoos, trainers, jeans, hair, ties ... why?

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