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The Future of Work

Is work working? Join Colm O'Regan and his guests to find out what a flexible future might look like. And find out at the same time what a Chief Envisioning Officer does.

Is work working? And if it isn't, what does the future of work look like? These are the issues that have been exercising the In The Balance team this week. To keep up with the modern worker, work environments are becoming increasingly flexible and it seems that the days of clocking in and out will soon be a thing of the past. But with the news this week that an increasing number of people are on 'zero hours' contracts in the UK, In the Balance tackles the big question: is flexibility in the work place friend or foe? And if it is the employee's friend, is it a luxury that's only possible in boom times, or at a certain stage of an economy's development? Author Alison Maitland, journalist Zoe Williams, and Microsoft UK's Chief Envisioning Officer, Dave Coplin, join presenter Colm O'Regan to discuss the pros and cons of flexible working.

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