Carney's New Promise for the UK

The new head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has set out his plans for stability and confidence, tying interest rates to unemployment rates. But not everyone is impressed. Dr Stephen Davies - education director of the Institute for Economic Affairs tells us the policy was misguided and dangerous.

The German Justice minister has called for a boycott of the Winter Olympics in Russia in reaction to the country's tough stance on homosexuality. Romesh Ratnesar of the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington tells us whether he thinks a boycott would affect Russia's policies.

Also on the program, the family of the woman whose cells helped pioneer biotechnology, finally get a say in how they are used. We find out more about Harriet Lacks and her remarkable story.

Plus, is Hollywood's latest blockbuster really advancing a socialist agenda? We discuss the economic ideas in Elysium.

And we're joined in Chicago by Vicki Escarra, the CEO of Opportunity International and in Mumbai by Ravi Venkatesan former Chairman of Microsoft India and author of "Conquering Chaos: Win In India, Win Everywhere".

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