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Israeli Settlements and Grenadian Chocolate

Why some West Bank settlers still insist 'this is our land'. Plus, how one barefoot engineer reinvented the cacao industry on the island of Grenada

Today, two stories which revolve around land - the struggles over who owns it, and the new riches it can produce. Jake Wallis Simons is on the West Bank, in an Israeli settlement called Neve Erez. On the surface it might look almost idyllic - a Biblical landscape with fertile fields, young families and even a pub. But conversing with some of the regulars there makes clear just how passionately these Israelis believe in their continuing rights to the territory - no matter what new talks on Israeli/Palestinian issues might dictate for the future.
Half a world away, Lucy Daltroff is on the island of Grenada, drinking in the sights, smells and tastes of a cacao plantation. The Belmont Estate has grown many different crops - including Grenada's famous nutmeg and mace - but now, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of one barefoot inventor, it is helping build a new business model for the chocolate industry. Will it enjoy the sweet taste of success?

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