I Tracked Down Banaz 'Honour Killers'

Banaz Mahmod was a young Kurdish woman. She was living in the UK but was murdered by her family in a so-called 'honour killing'. Matthew Bannister speaks to Caroline Goode, the detective who was determined to track down her killers, and the film-maker who made sure Banaz wasn't forgotten.

Plus, the story of the blind couple who fell in love through their guide dogs. And, we hear from World Wildlife Fund primate specialist, Angelique Todd, who lived in the Central African Republic for 14 years and formed a close relationship with gorillas.

Ethiopian-Israeli singer Ester Rada, who performed at Glastonbury this year, on her new album Life Happens and why she likes singing in English.

And, in Witness, we remember the moment 50 years ago when a Vietnamese Buddhist monk shocked the world by setting himself on fire, in protest against the Catholic south Vietnamese government.

(Picture: DCI Caroline Goode stands at Banaz Mahmod's grave. Credit: Still taken from 'Banaz: A Love Story" produced and directed by Deeyah of Fuuse Films)

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Thu 11 Jul 2013 02:06 GMT

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