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Kate joins the Wakhi Shepherds on 'The Kuch'

The Wakhi Shepherds of north-east Afghanistan are one of the world's last truly traditional herding cultures. Their mountain home is cut off from the rest of the country, and the Wakhi live as they have done for thousands of years, at the mercy of nature and utterly dependent on their animals for survival.

Kate Humble braves the troubles in Kabul and a spectacular mountain flight to reach the shepherds' remote home. She treks high up to mountain pastures to live with the Wakhi, learning how to herd, milk and process the dairy products that will sustain the shepherds through the long winter. The Wakhi are highly mobile, migrating to new pastures as cold weather sets in, and Kate joins them on one of their ancient migrations known as a Kuch.

Though she learns that there is nothing romantic about life in such a tough environment, Kate discovers strong, proud people, whose close bond with their animals echoes the 10,000 year-old relationship between shepherd and flock.

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