Change Takes its Time

In this weekend edition, Sakhr Almakhadi finds there is a decidedly mixed welcome for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Why are some greeted with cash grants, while others must build their own shacks and dig their own wells?

Shaimaa Khalil takes a long journey to Nag Hammadi and sees how far the spirit of political debate has spread from the cities to rural Upper Egypt. And, Tessa Dunlop revisits the orphanage in Siret, where she went in 1990, to help Romanian children so neglected by the state.

Jonny Dymond hears of Detroit's decline through the life of a fire station chief. Meanwhile Peter Meanwell glories in the cultural and culinary heritage of Equatorial Guinea - from the cross-dressing musicians of Annabon to a plate of crocodile in chocolate sauce.

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FOOC at 60: Memorable Reports

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