Sunscreen Prevents Skin Ageing

We all think we know that sunscreen helps to prevent skin cancer and keeps us looking young. But in fact the first randomised study of how sunscreen prevents human skin from ageing has only just been published - in the journal the Annals of Internal Medicine. Professor Adele Green, Head of the Cancer and Population Studies group at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, conducted the research in Australia.

Vietnamese Recipes for Better Mental Health
The Recipes of Life project in London offers Vietnamese people with mental health problems the opportunity to meet and share stories whilst cooking. Many of those who attend each week came to the UK as refugees. Discussing the ingredients as they create recipes from their home country, offers a way to talk about the components of coping in their new life.

Nickel-plated Coins Could Pose Allergy Concern
Whilst nickel has been a part of currency around the world for some time, more recently, nickel-plated coins have been introduced in several countries. Dr Anneli Julander, Assistant Professor at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, has published findings in the journal Contact Dermatology that show these newer coins deposit more nickel on people’s skin when handled. As 9% of the adult population in Europe is allergic to the silvery-white metal, this could pose an allergy risk.

(Image: Two women applying sunscreen on the back of two men, Bondi Beach, Australia. Credit: Getty Images)

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