French Malaise and Global Middle Class Woes

There's gloom in France on the anniversary of President Hollande's accession. We hear why.

The US Supreme Court ponders the question of whether it's right for companies to be able to patent our genes. Angelina Jolie thinks not. We hear from the ACLU lead lawyer who agrees and the Association for Molecular Pathology.

We find out why some global firms, like Walmart and Gap, haven't signed up to a new UN-led agreement to improve safety standards in the clothing industry in Bangladesh.

If you're an expat working abroad, what would tempt you home? We hear the lengths some Asian countries are going to to encourage their diaspora home.

Google in glasses - the search engine shows off in San Francisco. We talk to our correspondent live at the Google conference.

And author Michael Casey in New York tells us why he thinks the global financial system is destroying the middle class around the world.

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Thu 16 May 2013 00:06 GMT

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