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Webscape: Train driving simulators

Kate Russell's weekly review of websites and apps.

Kate Russell's weekly review of websites and apps (links to sites are at the bottom of the page).

If you dreamed of being a train driver as a child, you can now make that dream come true with a selection of Japanese train simulators at

There is a good selection of routes to suit various connection speeds. The graphics are not that amazing for the online versions but there are free download options if you want a smoother ride - but you are going to have to download them in Japanese.

Unless you are on passenger mode you have to make it to the stations on schedule and stop on target to let off passengers. It is more fiddly than you would expect - you have to stop within a few metres of the mark without overrunning. Then you just have to wait until you are signalled to move on.

GoToMeeting is a good platform for holding meetings in the cloud. Up to 25 people can connect in audio or six on HD video from a Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

It is not a totally free service, the host will have to pay eventually, but it is reasonably priced and very reliable if you are a small business.

As well as being able to record the meeting, you can share your screen or handover control to an attendee so it is really good for working collaboratively.
With exams now looming students should be planning a revision timetable so as not to be left cramming.

ExamPal is a smartphone app that is on iOS now but is also arriving imminently to Android. It contains exam dates for UK, US and worldwide students to help you plan and schedule your studies to be ready for those exams.

An iOS app favourite from 2010 is Photosynth. Microsoft have only just released it on their own platforms, Windows phone 7 and 8.

This app makes taking full 360 degree images as easy as looking around you.


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