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A personal take on homophobia in Russia

Russia's parliament wants to ban so-called ‘homosexual propaganda’. Paul Henley went there to report; but how should a gay journalist treat the story? Plus, Nonya kwei in Singapore

Pascale Harter presents personal stories, reportage and analysis from correspondents and writers around the world. In this edition, Paul Henley comes face to face with homophobia in Russia. The country’s parliament is backing a ban on so-called ‘homosexual propaganda’. If passed, it would mean that across Russia, events promoting gay rights would be banned and the organisers fined. But how can - and how should - a gay journalist report the story?

Also in this programme, Judith Kampfner explains why she's just taken her second honeymoon in Singapore. For one thing, it was a crafty tactic to introduce husband number two to his wife’s first love - the rare delicacy called Nonya Kwei. It turns out that this wobbly, colourful, especially Singaporean sweet is a sort of cake - but probably not as you know it.

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