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Christopher Williams

Examining the contradiction between Christopher Williams' typical subject matter and his socialist beliefs. Williams believed in art for the masses, not only the classes.

Study of the work of Maesteg artist Christopher Williams. The clip starts with a portrait of Williams and a look inside the house where he was brought up, which is now a Nail Care centre in the town. One of his paintings - The Red Dress - is shown and film of a celebratory plaque that is on the wall of the Nail Care Centre is seen. Presenter Kim Howells visits Maesteg Town Hall to look at five of Williams' paintings that are exhibited there. Robert Meyrick, head of Aberystwyth School of art discusses Williams' belief in art for the masses, not only the classes. View of Williams' painting Wales Awakening and Prince of Wales Investiture with a discussion on the surprising reactionary subject matter and technique for a boy from Maesteg who viewed himself as a socialist. Meyrick points out that as an artist trying to make his sole living from his art he needed to paint such pictures in order to make a living and further his career. Politically, he would have been torn by the need to make contacts with the great and good of the time, but he saw it as an opportunity to have his views listened to by people with influence. Discussion on the portrait of Lloyd George in his regalia in Prince of Wales Investiture.

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