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Life logging

How would you like to be remembered digitally; and logging your life with new technologies

New technologies allow us to archive and record myriad aspects of our lives that were hitherto unexplored and unexamined. Part of the human make-up is that we want to 'leave our footsteps in the sand': to have some trace of our presence on earth that is carried over to our ancestors. But given all the tools available to us, are there too many choices, and what about the importance of filtering of throwing things away? Are we in danger of being overwhelmed by our existing digital footprints, whether it be digital photos, Twitter, texts, Facebook postings or emails? To discuss what's worth keeping and what perhaps should be consigned to the recycling bin, Click is joined by Tim Regan and Cathal Gurrin. And Click's Lorna Stewart talks to a patient who lost her memory after developing encephalitis about how, SenseCam, a tiny digital camera that records photos every thirty seconds of her life, is helping to trigger memories from her recent past.
(Photo: SenseCam / Microsoft Research)

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