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Jackanory Junior - 'The Monster Crisp-Guzzler'

Actress Angela Griffin reads the story of Meera's first day at a new school. Her teacher Miss Porter seems ordinary, but has a secret. At lunchtime, Meera's classmates try to get her to hide her crisps from Miss Porter but when the teacher eats just one, she turns into a dragon. When this happens, Miss Porter tries to hide from the head teacher, but this time she is caught and dismissed from her job. On her last day there is a school trip to the seaside. When it is time to go home, Meera realises she has left her lunch box by a rock pool. She goes to fetch it but is caught by the tide but Miss Porter comes to her rescue by eating more crisps. Once again she turns into a dragon and saves Meera by flying over the waves. Miss Porter gets her job back and the children all have dragon rides. 'The Monster Crisp-Guzzler' was written by Malorie Blackman and illustrated by Sami Sweeten.

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14 minutes