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Afghanistan and Scotland

Caroline Wyatt in Afghanistan on guarding against insider threat and Lachlan Goudie on building an aircraft carrier in Scotland.

This week, the body of Captain Walter Barrie was repatriated to the UK from Helmand, after he was killed by an Afghan soldier. British forces are looking again at what more can be done to guard against the insider threat. A quarter of all British forces killed this year have died at the hands of men in Afghan police or Army uniform – some genuine members of the forces, others Taliban infiltrators. Defence correspondent, Caroline Wyatt, has spent the last two weeks with British forces in Helmand and wonders what their legacy will be.

Also, Lachlan Goudie is in the Scottish city of Glasgow, where work is underway on a new aircraft carrier. And he has managed to infiltrate the world of the shipbuilders, by dressing up to blend in. Although his artist’s sketch book is a bit of a give-away…

(Image: The repatriation ceremony of Captain Walter Barrie of The Royal Scots Borderers, Credit: Press Association)

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