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How reliable is electronic voting in the US election?

Electronic voting in the US

Electronic voting in the US
About twenty-five per cent of voters in the US election will be using electronic voting to cast their vote. But how reliable are electronic voting machines? Are they robust? Can they be hacked? Computer scientists think so, and some have even hacked the machines to demonstrate their concerns. There are also worries about the increase in the use of internet voting, especially after its use has been widened to allow people in New Jersey displaced by the hurricane to vote. But, alternatively, isn't the technology allowing some people to vote who might otherwise be disenfranchised, and are the claims of the critics possibly exaggerated? Barbara Simons and Roger Johnston join Click to discuss the merits of electronic voting.

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Internet Governance Forum: Baku
Governing the internet poses serious challenges. It's a delicate balance between keeping the internet an open free-for-all whilst at the same time regulating technical aspects like internet domain names for the good of all web users. The Internet Governance Forum, or IGF, is underway in Baku, Azerbaijan, a place where some critics argue the state places to heavy a hand on the control of the internet. Kate Russell from Click TV reports from Baku.

XX Game Jam
Women from around the world with an interest in making computer games braved the British winter at the end of October to spend twenty-four hours holed up in London creating games against the clock.

XX Game Jam, the first game jam in the UK held just for women took place in an east London hub for computer game development. Click’s Zoe Kleinman joined the women to see what kind of a game might be developed in such a short amount of time.

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  • Electronic voting in the US

    How reliable is electronic voting in the US election?

    Duration: 08:45

  • Internet Governance Forum: Baku

    Young adults voice concerns at the Internet Governance Forum.

    Duration: 03:45

  • XX Game Jam

    Zoe Kleinman reports on an intense weekend of games development just for women.

    Duration: 03:13