Turkey and Mozambique

Pascale Harter presents dispatches from BBC correspondents around the world.

Thousands of Syrian refugees have crossed into Turkey to avoid the fighting in their home country. Some have ended up in Izmir, today a peaceful port city – but one that has a history of violence. Greeks lived there for thousands of years alongside other ethnic groups, but they were forced out in the aftermath of World War I. Fergal Keane has been reflecting on his encounters in the city with refugees from today’s regional conflict.

And in Mozambique, Hamilton Wende went searching for signs of a time gone by, but found himself dazzled by a country using its natural resources to rebuild after decades of conflict. Remnants of the colonial past are everywhere in Maputo but the city is also forging a new, cosmopolitan African identity.

(Image: Syrian refugees. Credit: STR/AFP/GettyImages)

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