Sri Lanka, China, Kenya, Algeria, France and the USA

For this weekend edition, Pascale Harter presents insights from around the world.

Frances Harrison meets survivors from the civil war in Sri Lanka who are finding it hard to move on.

Angus Foster takes the slow train to Wuhan- plenty of time for him to reflect on how much China's economic transformation has benefited the railways.

A revolutionary plan for the future of Africa. Gabriel Gatehouse in Kenya meets a man with a scheme aimed at moving economies towards financial independence and away from reliance on aid.

Chloe Arnold bids farewell to Algeria and looks back at her time in a country full of contradictions, mired in a violent history but a place desperate to leave the past behind.

Our correspondent Hugh Schofield spends lot of time hopping between Paris and London – and at the moment, he reckons, comparisons between the two capitals are not favourable for the French.

In the USA, Justin Webb is not sure that presidential candidates should be spending so much time chasing undecided voters.

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