Atheists in Black America

In the United States, religion - in particular Christianity - is a driving force behind African-American culture.

Under slavery and segregation, the black church provided both spiritual and social services to African-Americans.

Today, many African-Americans see anything short of embracing religion as not just heretical but a denial of one's very blackness.

But there are a growing number of African-Americans who openly don't believe in God or the church.

We find out how they are trying to make their voices heard and seeking acceptance in their community.

Contributors to the documentary include writer Sikivu Hutchinson and musician Landon Taylor.

Reporter: Sarah Richards
Producer: Roy Hurst

(Image: Attendees listen to speakers during the National Atheist Organisation's 'Reason Rally'. Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images)

Available now

25 minutes

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Mon 17 Sep 2012 01:05 GMT

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