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Age of Empire

In this episode, Andrew Marr tells the story of the first empires which laid the foundations for the modern world.

From the Assyrians to Alexander the Great, conquerors rampaged across the Middle East and vicious wars were fought all the way from China to the Mediterranean. But this time of chaos and destruction also brought enormous progress and inspired human development. In the Middle East, the Phoenicians invented the alphabet, and one of the most powerful ideas in world history emerged: the belief in just one God. In India, the Buddha offered a radical alternative to empire building - a way of living that had no place for violence or hierarchy and was open to everyone.

Great thinkers from Socrates to Confucius proposed new ideas about how to rule more wisely and live in a better society. And in Greece, democracy was born - the greatest political experiment of all. But within just a few years, its future would be under threat from invasion by an empire in the east...

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Mon 15 Oct 2012 01:30


Role Contributor
PresenterAndrew Marr
PresenterAndrew Marr
Executive ProducerChris Granlund
Executive ProducerChris Granlund
Series ProducerKathryn Taylor
DirectorNeil Rawles

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