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Opposition to the New Republic

A short demographic description of the working population of France introduces the subject of how far and in what ways the Revolution in Paris changed the life of Frenchman after 1789.

It is revealed that the Revolution was both an exciting and energising time to re-establish order and balance between privilege and poverty as much as it was a destabilising time where tradition, certainty and habit were being removed. Change even included conscription into the new Republican army that, for some, forced them to rebel. The revolution was not universally supported and in Caen, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marsailles and the Vendee region they began attacking the national guard and even formed The Grand Catholic and Royal Army. The government in Paris responded with force. The army was informed, 'You are authorised to use terror wherever you see fit'. In all, it is estimated that 250,000 French rebels met with violent and chilling deaths.

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