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The life of Guru Nanak

As a boy Nanak listens to the village holy men. The men talk about religion and the best way to live. But Nanak is frustrated by their claims to know what is right.

As he grows older Nanak becomes revered by the villagers who recognise his special qualities. Then, one day, Nanak goes to the river to bathe. He leaves his clothes in a neat pile as ever and dives into the river. Nanak disappears below the water...and doesn't resurface. Two days pass and Nanak's family and the villagers believe he must have drowned.

Then, on the third day, Nanak reappears in exactly the same spot where he had disappeared. Later he explains that during his time under the water he has had a vision of God - and that he has been given a message that he must share with as many people as he can. The message is that God loves everyone and that He wants everyone to live their lives peacefully with one another.
Nanak takes his message across the land and acquires the title 'Guru' - meaning 'teacher'.

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