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Runner Beans this year are a little hit and miss generally, they are either lush, green and growing like mad or shadows of their former selves in that the rate of growth has been slow during May and June, this being due to the cool weather conditions. I am pleased to say that my "White Lady", that of the creamy white flowers variety, are looking great with more flowers than I have seen for a long time with masses of lush green leaves, which brings me to something I talk about on a regular basis, containerised growing.

This year I decided to plant all my Runner Beans in circular plastic containers and grow them up a cane wigwam system and because I was able to give the plants shelter along the wall of my house I am confident this has resulted in some pretty good growth. This with the addition of my own compost mixture, being 50/50 bagged compost and my own well rotted compost from the stacks at the bottom of my garden means, by the looks of the plants, I am in for a good yield.

I will not count my chickens yet and I will let you know in a couple of months time if my way of growing my Runners this year has been a brilliant success.


MEYER'S CITRUS LEMON is the best variety to go for if you want an easy to grow type. This small tree with masses of sweet smelling blooms in the late spring followed by large bright yellow fruits will add colour and fragrance to a well ventilated conservatory of garden room. Plants should be placed outside during the summer months and then taken back inside for the winter. Other than a prune from time to time and a regular liquid feed during the fruiting season there is little else to do.


Harvest Courgettes when they are young as they tend to turn into something like a Marrow fairly quickly, and make sure whilst the crop is still forming each plant is well watered and fed as they hate to dry out and will not give a good crop if they are constantly searching for moisture.

Continue sowing summer Lettuce and Radish and if you like Spinach then sow the perpetual varieties which will keep you supplied until next spring.

Mulch herbaceous borders to retain moisture and continue to deadhead flowering plants to encourage new growth.

Happy Gardening

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