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23/03/2012 (1400 GMT)

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  • Mrs Assad banned from EU

    The British born wife of President Assad has been banned from travelling to the EU.

    Duration: 04:54

  • China harvesting organs

    China has said it will stop harvesting organs from executed prisoners.

    Duration: 08:30

  • China harvesting organs 2

    Professor in Global Health at UCL tells us about the cultural differences in China

    Duration: 12:12

  • World Bank Presidency

    Nominations for the presidency have to be in today.

    Duration: 19:15

  • Radiohead and Polish composer

    Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead is collaborating with Polish composer Penderecki

    Duration: 23:00

  • Coup in Mali

    The coup has provoked international concern not least from France former colonial power

    Duration: 34:18

  • Binge drinking in Britain

    The government’s strategy to reduce binge-drinking is to clamp down on cheap alcohol.

    Duration: 38:07

  • Pope Benedict to Mexico

    This is the Pope’s first visit to Mexico. His predecessor was a regular visitor.

    Duration: 42:56

  • Nigeria Shell Oil

    In 2008 crude oil spilled over a huge area in the Niger Delta.

    Duration: 48:53

  • Password protected sites

    A researcher at Cambridge University says we’re l too predictable to fool hackers

    Duration: 52:50


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