Jenna Gorlewicz has developed an App to help visually impaired students with their maths lessons. She is capitalising on the use of haptics on tablet machines, providing feedback through touch. In particular the volunteer students have been able to navigate the way round the table through the vibrations which correlate to the position of fingers on the screen. Jenna Gorlewicz describes the potential benefits of the App to visually impaired people.

Cartoon Movie brings the leaders of European animation and video games industries together in the French city of Lyon. The city and the surrounding area is home to over 700 companies and more than 20 research laboratories with an image-related base. Perhaps it is no surprise as Lyon was the home of the Lumière Brothers, pioneers and founders of modern cinema. Once a year hundreds of animators and video games producers congregate in Lyon to report on their advances over the past 12 months. Click's Sylvia Smith reports from the event in Lyon.

Crowdfunding would seem to depend on huge numbers of investors in a particular project but a new adventure has highlighted the benefits of constraints and going local. It allows you to determine how long you want to hold the rights for a particular project. Sokap which aims to bring local backers and projects together has recently been launched. Gareth Mitchell talks to SoKap's founder, David Geertz.

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