Classified Army documents revealed to Saville

Critical new evidence is revealed to the Saville Inquiry in the form of classified papers drawn up by the Army three months before Bloody Sunday.

A memo from General Carver, the head of the British Army, raised the prospect of an Army operation into no-go areas of Derry to root out "the terrorists". Another memo from General Ford, commander of land forces in Northern Ireland, said "I am coming to the conclusion that the minimum force necessary to achieve a restoration of law and order is to shoot selected ring leaders amongst the DYH (Derry Young Hooligans), after clear warnings have been issued".

Philip Jacobson, author of the book 'Those Are Real Bullets' and a member of the Sunday Times Insight team who investigated the events of Bloody Sunday, says this proves that the Army had abandoned the idea of containment and was determined to impose its will upon the hooligan element in the Bogside.

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