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Controlling experiments: in medicine, poverty relief and music.

In the 21st Century, should we be applying elements of the scientific method to all walks of life?

The triumphs and pitfalls of experimenting with life: surgeon and leading exponent of regenerative medicine, Professor Chris Mason, reports on new advances in cell therapy that are revolutionising medicine.

The staple of medical research, the randomised controlled trial, has inspired French economist Esther Duflo’s new approach to evaluating aid programmes.

And science has also seeped into the work of Brazilian composer Eduardo Miranda who coaxes computers to turn biological data into song.

Illustration by Emily Kasriel: experimenting to improve life through immunization and music.

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45 minutes


  • Part 1

    Chris Mason

    Duration: 13:45

  • Eduardo Miranda

    Eduardo Miranda

    Duration: 09:15

  • Part 2 - 60 Second Idea

    Chris Mason: a human memory chip

    Duration: 05:14

  • Esther Duflo

    Esther Duflo

    Duration: 12:16