Why invest in Pakinstan?

Why would anyone want to invest in Pakistan? The country experiences regular terrorist attacks, has suffered terrible floods and has unstable neighbours. On top of that there are the power cuts and inflation of 16%.

Doesn't sound very inviting does it? Yet Naveed Khan, President of the Overseas Investment Chamber of Commerce in Karachi - and the CEO of Pakistan's Faysal Bank - tells Justin Rowlatt there are great opportunities to be had in the country.

Plus: everyone has heard the hackneyed business adage that "your greatest asset is your staff". But many businesses still fail to recognise the contribution that individuals make and develop the skills they have.

So Business Daily has a instructive story, the tale of someone who started right at the very bottom of a business and was encouraged to progress all the way to very top - and who helped build a world beating business along the way.

Barbara Ward explains to Justin Rowlatt how she started as a temporary secretary with a tiny start-up IT company called CMG back in the sixties and ended up one of the richest women in Britain.

And the etiquette of mobile phones - when is it acceptable to use them? Jennifer Pak reports from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, on a country where it seems there are no limits to when you can use your phone.

(Image: A Pakistani broker studies a panel display at the Karachi Stock Exchange in Pakistan. Credit: Associated Press)

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