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Semi-permanent Eyebrow Tattoo

In most parts of the country the Beauty Industry is unregulated. It's up to beauticians and hairdressers to get qualifications, so anyone could open up a salon. Beware when you book in for a treatment that you're putting your looks in the hands of a pro.... Or as Jessica-Jane Clement finds out in this brand new consumer series, it could all turn ugly.

Jess meets Michelle who is too upset to leave the house because of the wonky eyebrows she was left with when she paid for semi-permanent make-up. She’s taken to wearing shades to avoid the shame and is worried she could be stuck with them for years! It’s shockingly easy to set up shop as a semi-permanent make-up technician – you need no training so to shock the women of Liverpool into thinking before they buy Jess sets up a pop-up salon with a kit bought easily over the internet.

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