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The 737 Challenge - Failure or Success?

The final programme with exclusive coverage of Richard Parks's record-breaking attempt to climb the world's highest peaks and reach the poles. Frostbite from the Everest climb meant that Richard Parks's world record attempt was now in serious jeopardy. Not only was he facing the prospect of losing a limb, but his next leg - climbing Denali in Alaska - freezing storms at altitude would now become a bigger threat to his life. The dangers of Denali though proved to be even more acute, with Richard falling into a crevasse - a ledge seven metres down prevented a fall into an unchartered abyss. His rescue and eventual summit of the North American peak left just one summit to complete the 737 Challenge. The problem with Elbrus in Russia (the highest mountain in Europe) is that terrorist activity had closed the region virtually throughout the year. The drama would continue to the very end.

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