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26/06/2011 (1200 GMT)

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  • China UK visit

    Although the focus of Premier Wen Jia-bao's visit to the UK is trade, as our correspondent Damian Grammaticus reports, it's human rights record will also inevitably be on the agenda.

    Duration: 03:42

  • China Europe relations

    Professor Stephen Tsang, of the University of Nottingham and Jonathan Holslag, of the Institute of Contemporary China Studies discuss the pros and cons of Europe expanding trade with China.

    Duration: 10:51

  • Hugo Chavez

    The Venezuelan leader's two week absence from public view following an operation in Cuba is causing speculation about his true condition. The BBC's Sarah Grainger reports.

    Duration: 14:07

  • Picasso in the Palestine

    One of Pablo Picasso's painting goes on display in Palestinian territories, one of the more volatile areas of the Middle East. How safe will it be? Jon Donnison reports.

    Duration: 18:44

  • Hackers

    Martin Bryant, a tech journalist for The Next Web talks to Newshour about the disbanding of the group of computers hackers, Lulz Security.

    Duration: 23:00

  • Syria

    Hala Jaber of The Sunday Times describes the scene in Syria following more anti-government protests in several cities.

    Duration: 31:24

  • Banned Musicians

    Our New York correspondent Matt Wells has been meeting the people behind the novel idea of using the internet to help banned musicians bypass local censorship and reach a wider audience.

    Duration: 35:33

  • Extremists

    Google Ideas and the US Council of Foreign Relations have organised a "summit against violent extremism". Newshour speaks to two of the attendees to find out what this gathering hopes to achieve.

    Duration: 44:13

  • US oil

    The BBC's Jonny Dymond reports on the controversial method of oil and gas extraction being used in the US called fracking.

    Duration: 50:00


  • Sun 26 Jun 2011 12:05GMT

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