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'Skating' a Manila railway and dodging the trains

It's an ingenious but slightly dangerous way to get around a crowded city - 'skating' along the railway tracks on a humble bamboo trolley, dodging the trains.

In this exclusive clip, London bus driver Josh West goes on a 'skate' as part of his two week trip to Manila, Phillipines. He is experiencing life driving a Jeepney belonging to his host Rogelio Castro. When Rogelio offers to take him across town on a ‘skate’, Josh is intrigued.

They drive to a railway station but instead of going on to the platform, Rogelio takes him to stand alongside the track, until the train pulls out.

Then, to Josh’s amazement the two of them get onto a small wooden platform with a bench and wheels which is lifted onto the railway track. They climb on, and off they go, pushed along by the owner of the skate.

Though sharing a track with a train is dangerous, the Skate is popular because it cuts through the traffic and saves a lot of time.

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