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High-altitude animals

There is life even in the highest reaches of the Himalayas, although food is scarce. Lammergeier or bearded vultures soar above the high valleys here. But a sign of serious altitude is the presence of snowcocks. Their dappled grey and white plumage is good camouflage against the snow which can fallen even in the summer at these altitudes. They forage for seeds and roots in the thin turf. There are no trees here, just a few shrubs and some dried withered grass but that is enough for the tahr which - despite its looks - is neither a true sheep nor a true goat. It is actually related to them both and will eat anything that is green. Another typical mountain creature to be found at this altitude is the red-billed chough which is a kind of crow. They search the rocks for insects, grubs, and odd seeds. Their cousins, the yellow-billed choughs, go as high as any bird in the world, riding the wind currents to the snow peaks themselves.

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